Barred Owl in a Beautiful East Fork State Park setting while enjoying the day with my grandma. Photo taken on 1-7-18 by Joshua Wilson.

Photo was taken in New Richmond.

Photo was taken by Jim Miller, who said, “A beautiful fall display taken at a nearby horse farm in Stonelick Township. It lights up at night by solar powered lights!”

Photo was taken by Ashley Buckler at Colonial Pines Golf Club located in Bethel.

Photo: “This is a picture I took on the way to church on Frank Willis Memorial Road 9-17-2019. Reminded me of the beauty of Creation. God bless, Pastor Steve Fultz.”

Photo taken on Clover Road in Williamsburg Township by Helen Riedel.

Photo taken by Frank DeWar in Monroe Township.

Photo taken by Jim Noll in Batavia, Ohio. They were taken in his backyard during the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse between 2:22 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.

This Beauty Spot is on Clover Road Williamsburg Township and was sent to us by Helen Riedel.

This photo was taken by Erin Phillips of Phillips Farm Batavia LLC. Phillips had this to say, “My favorite view on State Route 222, across one of the cornfields in the valley. The morning light was magical that day dancing off the corn tassels.”

Photos taken by Roger E. Emery from Owensville, who had this to say:

“This is the log cabin that was moved to the Gauche Park in Owensville. The park is several acres with a lot of activities to be enjoyed by all. Also, it’s the birthplace of John Pattison, the 53rd governor of Ohio. The house in the mark is now the Owensville museum. The park was opened in 2000. Clermont County residents can come enjoy and learn about the history, all in one place.

The Clermont County Beauty Spot is one of a series of weekly pictures published from nominations from our readers. If you have a photograph of a spot, public or secret, in the county you think is without compare, email the photograph of that special someplace to