Longstone Festival coming to Milford

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Downtown Milford will be the place to be Sept. 14 for the Longstone Street Festival featuring music, food, entertainment and shopping.

“It’s a full day of activities for everyone,” Rome Ntukogu, event director with Far-I-Rome Productions, said about the festival. “And the most important thing is it is in the center of Milford and a lot of the hometown businesses are a part of it.”

The festival will run from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. Sept. 14 along Main Street in Milford.

Ntukogu said music will begin at noon, and a variety of bands will be playing all day. He said there will be folk music, bluegrass, country, funk, rock, and more.

“This year we’re really excited about the amount of businesses that are joining us and the vendors,” Ntukogu said.

He said Milford businesses including Big Papa Slims, Row House Gallery, Padrino’s, May Cafe, and more will be participating in the festival.

Both restaurants and shops will be opening their doors or will be out in the street for the festival.

“As far as our shopping vendors, we have everything ranging from handmade jewelry to children’s books,” Ntukogu said.

Ntukogu said there will also be activities for children at the festival including a Velcro wall, a bounce house, hamster balls, and other games.

“It will be a lot of music, food, and fun times,” Ntukogu said.

Ntukogu said this is the third year they have held the Longstone Street Festival in Milford. He said the event built on the traditions of the Sunflower Street Festival.

According to the Longstone Street Festival website, the name derived from John Kugler, who was involved in the expansion of the Milford area.

Kugler built many of the stone buildings on Mill Street and the neighboring streets using stone that he excavated himself.

The festival is hosted by the Historic Milford Association along with other sponsors and partners including Lykins Companies. Far-I-Rome Productions helps organize the event.

For more information about the Longstone Street Festival, or for a schedule of events, visit www.longstonestreetfestival.com.