Letter to the Editor: The ‘sexual revolution’ and the battle over Justice Kavanaugh

To the Editor:

Sad to say, both Democrats and Republicans have bought into the anti-Christian “sexual revolution” spawned in the 1960s by the development and widespread use of the birth-control pill, the “legalization” of abortion-on-demand in the 1970s, and by the recent legitimization of “same sex” marriage by the Supreme Court. While Democrats are regarded as champions of the “right to choose” (helping them to build voting constituencies among the irresponsible), the truth is that many of the worst abuses of our Christian heritage were authored by Supreme Court justices appointed by Republican presidents.

Many of the sexual radicals of the 1960s and 1970s now hold powerful positions in government, education, the law, entertainment, the media, and even business. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are two huge supporters of abortion rights and population control.

Republican Congresses insist on repeatedly funding the preeminent promoter of the “sexual revolution,” Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, to an amount that exceeds $500 million per year.

What are the results of the Democrat and Republican-supported “sexual revolution” (i.e. sex without consequences)? Broken homes through no-fault divorce (often caused by sexual unfaithfulness), sexual co-habitation by unmarried teenagers and young adults, sexually-transmitted diseases (wildly escalating among the young), acceptance of homosexuality and its attendant public health dangers, promotion of trans-sexualism as “normal” (it’s not–see the work of psychiatrist Dr. Paul McHugh of Johns Hopkins Hospital), and abortion (resulting in the death of over a million unborn babies in the United States each year and untold harm to women abused by abortion providers).

The heroin, meth, prescription drug, and cocaine epidemics are quite connected to the “sexual revolution” and grew out of it.

Now we have radical feminism and the #MeToo movement which pretend that men and women should be free to engage in uncommitted, non-marital sexual play with anticipation of no consequences. Women use the power inherent in their beauty and sexuality to gain favor, position, or relationship, and men use their money, position, and promises of relationship to gain sexual release. Women assume that men, who are by nature more aggressive, will remain “perfect gentlemen” and “step up to the plate,” while men assume that they will disengage after their conquests with no further responsibility.

While women and children are usually most-affected by the “sexual revolution” (poverty and fatherless homes), a generation or two of men have been lulled into perpetual adolescence since their responsibilities have been assumed by the State and its “safety net.” No longer real men, they are “victims” of the “sexual revolution” as well.

Seeking to protect excesses of the “sexual revolution” that have been codified into law, Senate Democrats engineered a plot to bring down a conservative Supreme Court nominee whom they believed might bring the culture’s irresponsible playtime to an end. They recruited a Democrat activist from a left-wing California university, Christine Blasey Ford, who had grown up in Maryland nearby to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, to bring unsubstantiated allegations against the judge in a “hit and run” manner by promising her anonymity. Willingly caught in Senate Democrats’ trap, Blaséy-Ford was coached and lawyered up by activist Democrat attorneys and provided “credibility” by a so-called polygraph test.

Little did Blasey-Ford realize that with Senate Democrats she was “playing with fire”–soon they leaked her name causing necessity to present herself before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Terrified, she tearfully stumbled through the hearing by claiming witnesses who would not corroborate her few and inconsistent facts. Desperately she recounted an alleged “sexual assault” by Judge Kavanaugh, embellishing her story with lurid details gained from her own sexually-active past.

Rachel Mitchell, a prosecutor from Arizona experienced in sexual assault cases, quickly dismantled Blasey-Ford’s claims.

Although Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine rose to plead a well-reasoned argument for Judge Kavanaugh’s election to the Supreme Court putting him over the top, Collins herself is a long-time champion of Planned Parenthood and the “sexual revolution.” She resolved to continue supporting them even though, true to form, they announced opposition to her 2020 re-election. Is Collins, like Blasey-Ford, a dupe?

Thankfully, Judge Brett Cavanaugh is now a Justice. Hopefully in his decisions he will consult his Catholic faith, do the right thing, and help bring an end to the “sexual revolution,” Supreme Court precedent or not.

Respectfully submitted,

Randy Kleine