In support of Jim Renacci for U.S. Senator against Brown

I am supporting Jim Renacci for US Senate because he isn’t afraid to put reach across the aisle for common sense legislation. Not only did he found the Bipartisan Working Group which has been meeting weekly since 2011, he faced our recent opioid crisis head on by co-sponsoring bipartisan legislation which aims to decrease the availability of opioids.

As a mother of a former opioid abuser, I know the ease with which my daughter was able to obtain drugs; as an nurse anesthetist.

I know how fast these drugs can addict individuals; and as a grandmother. I want a future where drug manufacturers and doctors are held accountable for what is produced and/or prescribed.

Jim Renacci, unlike his opponent, has a proven record of working with ALL legislators to find common sense solutions in times of crisis.

Ruth Wagoner