We are no longer a republic

No Republic?

Americans can’t understand why there is so much chaos and disruption in our country.

Actually it is very simple, we are no longer a Republic. We have dropped into a Democracy. Our founders created a Republic style of government for a reason.

It requires a citizenry that highly respects and enforces the law. Someone asked Ben Franklin, “What kind of government are we going to have.” Ben answered, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

We haven’t kept it. Too many citizens today really don’t care much about making sure our laws are enforced. Most drivers don’t care much about obeying the speed limits. Way too many people cheat on their income taxes. Way too many Americans don’t have a problem with people illegally entering the country. We assassinate police officers, shoot up schools, etc. Perhaps, this is happening because we have dropped into a Democracy. You cannot just claim to be a Republic, you have to meet the requirements. You have to maintain them. Most Americans may think a Democracy is great. But it’s not nearly as good as a Republic.

A Democracy does not require it’s citizens to be strong law-abiding citizens.

Therefore, there is always an increase in crime and chaos. Can you see that happening?

Over time, that will lead to a demand for Socialism, which is actually a benevolent dictatorship.

How close are we to that now?

The government is just the dictator.

When Socialism runs its course, chaos will increase even more and that will eventually lead to a pure dictatorship. With every step down we make as a nation, our freedom gradually decreases.

When younger generations are not taught to treasure their freedoms they will lose their freedoms.

Most of our older generations were well aware of that because they had to pay the cost, and it was a heavy one.

When the younger generations are not taught where they have come from, they can be led anywhere.

Politicians are well aware of that. If we do not correct our course as a country soon, it will be too late.

So America: Would you like to have your Republic back?

Claude Cornell
Williamsburg, Ohio