George Rooks: The racoon and the hummingbird

Howdy folks.

The weather is sure hot and the kind that the crops like which are growing fast. The gardens are also doing well. I had blueberries that had berries on them. I just set them out this year and I picked a small handful of them. The birds ate the rest of them. I can’t fence the berries to protect from the birds, so I guess they have to eat too. I have a problem with the raccoon drinking the hummingbird sugar water and tearing the feeders down. They have destroyed one feeder so I bring them in the house at night – that solves that problem.

The picnic at Burke Park last Wednesday evening was well attended. There were several hundred people there. I always like helping serve the food. There was plenty of help to serve and there was a band playing that the folks enjoyed.

Now mark your calendar for the homemade ice cream along with food and desserts at the Grange Hall in Nicholsville on July 14 from 5 to 7 PM. Also on July 7, there will be a yard sale at the Grange Hall starting at 9 AM till 2 PM and then there will be a card party at 6 PM that evening. There are lots of activities to be involved in. Then on Sunday, July 8, at 12:30 PM the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery will have a picnic at the showgrounds. They will begin getting ready for the show which will be August 9 through August 12 this year. This is one of the best shows. This show lets the young folks see some of the old equipment and how the saw mill worked as well as how wheat is thrashed and how straw is bailed up. There is so much to see and enjoy along with music and cloggers.

Hope you dad’s had a good Father’s Day. I went to my granddaughters and husband’s house along with my daughter and her husband. My three great granddaughters were there which made it a special day. Ruth Ann would have enjoyed it so much.

Talked to Mike at the bait shop in Afton. He said the fishing is good. The crappie have slowed down a little bit but the channel catfish, bass, stripers and of course the musky are still biting. Talked to Sherry’s Lake and the fishing is fine. Then I talked to Cedar Lake and the young lady said the biggest shovel head catfish so far was caught this morning and weighed 43 pounds.  There have also been catfish caught that weighted 37 and 38 pounds. Anything over 8 pounds is put back in the lake. Grant Lake has been a good lake for bass. The honeybees are doing good and some folks are taking honey off. I have some to take off in a couple weeks.

Mr. Chester has his routine – he comes in and eats his breakfast in the morning and goes outside for a couple hours then comes back in and sleeps until late afternoon. Then he goes outside again for the night.

Start your week by going to the house of worship of your choice and praising the good Lord.

God bless all . . .

More later . . .