George Rooks: How the county fair has changed

Howdy folks–The Clermont County Fair is history now – it was a good one. The 4-H kids sure had a fine bunch of animals there. I got to see the goat show. The youngsters are to be given a lot of praise for the work they do with all the animals and they do a super job of showing them. Some of the goats like to climb up on the kids. One feller said if it was not for our 4-H there wouldn’t be a lot of animals at the Ohio State Fair. The 4-H clubs do so much for the Clermont County Fair. The Grange donates money for the prizes for the 4-H animals. The Grange has done this for many years. The Grangers believe in supporting the young folks that work hard on their 4-H projects.

I picked up a pamphlet that Richard Crawford, Theresa Herron, and Harold Herron wrote about the fairs in 1819 through 1999. In 1846 this society claimed 56 members. The exhibition, the first year was mainly farm and garden products. It has sure changed over the years. The profit for the first fair was $40. The second day of the fair was devoted to farm implements and the handiwork of the women. The ladies would win $2 for first prize and second was $1. The membership to get in the fair was $1. The second fair was in the year 1850, on September 27–28 in Slack Tavern. The first day was not all agriculture – in addition to exhibits, of livestock and farm wagons the day also featured horse shoe pitches, boat and corn broom making, best grain candle stand, and toilet cushion. Plenty of other items at the fair have changed a lot since the first ones. In 1850 this society divided into separate societies. For unknown reasons the group stayed in Bantam. This was in the year 1853. The group purchased 5 1/2 acres from John Slade. There was a lot of changes in the fair at that time. In 1864, September 6-9, the fair board voted to move the fair to Owensville. From that point it was called the Boston Fair. In 1878 it is believed this was the first year for the baby show. The top price was $5.

If you would like a booklet, get in touch with the Owensville Historical Society. They have some. It is good reading on how things have changed. It is so great to have the Clermont County Fair. The folks that are in charge do a super job – thanks.

Now Mr. Chester is doing fine. He is by my chair wanting something. I know what it is he wants – to sit on my lap so I better quit and go sit in the recliner.

Start your week by going to the house of worship of your choice and praising the good Lord.

God bless all . . .

More later . . .