George Rooks: Be careful with all the road work

Howdy folks–A cool drink of water with this hot weather sure does taste good. I drink a lot of water and coffee. I have a cup of coffee before I go to bed.

I went over to Grant’s the other day taking Weaver Road and a thing that happened about 70 years ago popped into my mind. Mr. Weaver put his jolt wagon in the pond to swell the wooden spokes up tight. I had not thought about that for all these years. We did things a lot different back then then we do today. My brother went with Mr. Weaver one time to put the wagon in the pond. The wooden spokes would try out.

I read that Ruth McCormick passed away. I knew the family from her father-in-law Mr. McCormick who was a janitor at the Newtonsville school when I was there. I would help him sweep the classrooms and he would give me a nickel. Things were a lot slower back then and people helped each other.

I just got in from working in the garden and dried off. The weeds seem to enjoy this hot weather. Don’t forget the Grange is having their famous homemade ice cream social at the Grange Hall in Nicholsville on July 14 from 5 PM till 7 PM with food and desserts. On July 22 at 6 PM till 8 PM there will be an ice cream social at the parking lot by the Methodist Church in Bethel with music and games for the children. The music is by the Locust Creek Band.

I went to talk to the seniors at the lodge on the road above Batavia today. They know about the things I talked about as they are about my age. I stopped at the Grant’s farm and Danny was planting pumpkins. He has been trying to get them planted. They have had more rain than we have. I saw several fields of wheat that have been harvested. Some of the wheat I saw probably yielded a good harvest. The straw looked heavy. The market for straw is good.

When traveling be careful there as there is so much road work being done. Of course, this is the time for road construction to be done. The farmer’s market opened last Friday in Bethel and there were six vendors there. Three of the vendors had produce, two had baked items and one with herbs.

Mr. Chester is doing fine.

Start your week by going to the house of worship of your choice and praising the good Lord.

God bless all . . .

More later . . .