A Clermont icon was laid to rest

Early last May, a Clermont County Icon was laid to rest in the Calvary Cemetery near the Village of Felicity.

That Icon was J C “Doc” Rudd.

“Doc” Rudd was a unique blend of wit, charm and grace. . .admired and respected by all who knew him or came into contact with him. He was a topflight veterinarian.

He meant so much to the economic viability of so many farmers he served who relied on his professional skills and wisdom.

There was another side to “Doc” Rudd. He was a lifelong Republican. Perhaps, he and he alone, started the conversion to Republican leadership in Clermont County when he backed Russell Simmons, in 1968, to successfully run for the office of Court of Courts. The rest is history!

“Doc” Rudd was a good mand who will be sorely missed!

Tom Dix
Moscow, OH