East Cincy Yoga announces it’s expanding to Amelia


The ink on the sales contract is still wet, but the owners of East Cincy Yoga couldn’t be more excited to announce that the Batavia-based yoga studio is expanding to Amelia.

“We have the building but will need help and donations for all sorts of things we can reuse including muscle for getting it ready for yoga,” owner Lori Kirsch wrote on the ECY facebook page.

Kirsch, who lives in Amelia, opened ECY in November 2015.

“It has been a joy to share the gift of yoga with the people of Batavia … now ECY would like to spread the love,” Kirsch wrote on a Go Fund Me page for the expansion project.

That’s right; Kirsh is asking for the public’s support in helping to turn the 4,100 square foot, old hardware store, located at 64 East Main St., into a yoga and wellness center.

The Amelia location is four times bigger than the Batavia studio.

“Our vision is to provide a center that offers a diverse selection of wellness options, providing the community with not only yoga, but other holistic wellness opportunities,” she wrote. “We also want to be able to hold more ‘donation only classes,’ as well as have a space that the community could use for meditation or group meetings, for only a donation instead of renting a space.”

She added, “While ECY has the resources to begin and offer the basics, a little help from our community could make this an even more incredible space.”

Kirsh is asking for funding help for:

– Paint for the indoors and outdoors, and a privacy fence.

– Landscaping, such as gravel to lay near the building to prevent flooding, as well as flowers and shrubbery.

– Decorations, like tapestries, floor laps and twinkle lights.

– A new air conditioning unit.

– Furniture, such as a couch, coffee table, area rugs, comfortable chairs and folding tables and chairs.

– Supplies, such as incense, toiletries, a vacuum cleaner, steam mop and brooms.

“If you have any of these items you would like to donate please let us know. We love to reuse and recycle,” Kirsh wrote.

She plans to open the Amelia East Cincy Yoga later this month, or in early September.

In a phone interview, Kirsh said that it’s the following that she’s built up that has inspired her to take this leap.

“We have so many wonderful yogis that come into class, and I feel like we’ve helped so many people, and it’s opened their eyes to this other world of healing and wellness, whether it’s through yoga, or it’s through meditation … we’ve had so many people behind us with this, and everybody can’t wait to come in and see the building,” she said.

For more information about East Cincy Yoga’s expansion to Amelia, including ways to donate, and incentives for doing so, visit the yoga studio’s Go Fund Me page at https://www.gofundme.com/east-cincy-yoga-needs-you?member=516782.


By Megan Alley

Sun Staff