The Compound provides youth fitness opportunities

By Garth Shanklin

Sports Editor

Clermont County athletes who haven’t quite made it to the high school level yet now have a new place to work out.

The Compound, a youth strength training facility, opened in Amelia on June 2, and has since welcomed several athletes from around the tri-state for training.

On July 28, the facility hosted a wrestling strength camp with Ohio State’s Dustin Myers, who is the strength coach for the Buckeye wrestling program.

Todd Morency, who manages the gym along with his wife Heather, said the program came about thanks to social media.

“I’ve been following Dustin on Instagram for a couple years,” Todd Morency said. “We’re huge Ohio State wrestling fans. He has a huge following on Instagram and YouTube, and I’ve always been fascinated by the stuff he does. I messaged him on Instagram, told him about our place and the stuff we do and asked if he’d be interested. It just took off from there.”

In addition to the work they did with Myers, attendees of the program were put through a separate program later in the afternoon that was a typical program for the facility.

“We do a lot of core training, functional strength, speed and agility, muscular endurance, coordination and balance,” Heather Morency said. “We do a lot of body weight things.”

The Compound is growing quickly since it began in Pennsylvania, as the Morencys are one of several franchise owners to launch in recent months.

“The Compound is a franchise that originated in Johnstown, Pennsylvania about two or three years ago,” Heather Morency said. “We got in contact with the owner around spring break of this year and he decided to make it a franchise. We were the first one to open, and now there are 13 behind us. It’s gotten big very quickly.”

Heather Morency noted the focus is not on wrestling at The Compound, as the patrons of the gym play all types of sports.

“Typically, we have baseball players, gymnasts, hockey players, soccer players, football players,” Heather Morency said. “We have all athletes.”

Todd Morency said the gym is a place younger athletes can come to train, which they typically don’t get the chance to do until later in their athletic career.

“Kids these days aren’t introduced to a weight room in their in high school,” Todd Morency said. “I got a wake-up call last year in how weak kids are in movements they should be able to do. This gives all athletes a way to get into a place where they’re not lifting a lot of weights, but they’re working on bodyweight stuff, things they’re not able to do in a gym class.”

Parents or athletes interested in more information on The Compound can find it through the page’s social media feeds, according to Heather Morency.

“As of right now, social media and our Facebook page and the main avenue,” Heather Morency said. “We’re developing a corporate site, but that’s not going to be up for a few weeks.”

The Compound is also available through email at


By Garth Shanklin

Sports Editor