Now, only Republic Services can handle Batavia Township’s trash

By Megan Alley
Sun Staff

The Batavia Township Board of Trustees approved a waste removal franchising contract with Republic Services during their regular meeting on July 9, a move that’s intended to bring customers expanded services, such as curbside recycling, large item pick up and more, at a lower cost.

Before the decision, residents in the township could choose any waste removal company they’d wanted, but now, they are mandated to use Republic Services, or no company at all.

Rex Parsons, township administrator, was been working with Paul Braasch, coordinator for the Adams Clermont Joint Solid Waste District, on the idea for more than five years.

“There’s going to be people that object to this, because one, you’re taking away their right to choose, and then there’s the people that don’t have waste collection … you’re going to get some of those people not liking this,” Braasch said. “The thing you’re doing with this process is you’re introducing a little competition out here.”

While the trustees acknowledged that the move could raise concern among residents, they were convinced that they were making the right move.

Both Rumpke and Republic Services responded to the township’s recent request for proposals, but it was Republic Services who ultimately won out, offering the right services at the right price.

The five-year contract, with a three-year renewal, will cost residents $18.97 a month for the first year, and increase 3 percent to year eight for a cost of $23.33 a month.

According to Braasch, the contract will save township residents collectively almost $1 million dollars a five year period.

Some of the contract highlights include:

– Lower cost, with no fuel surcharges.
– Weekly trash collection.
– Twice per month collection of curbside recycling, to replace the public dumpsters that were misused, and then removed.
– Controlled hours of operation.
– Having fewer trucks on township roads, causing less wear and tear.
– Weekly pickup of large items.
– Annual curbside pickup of all items.

“I know this a difficult decision for you all …but at the end of the day, in my opinion, you’re going to end up with much more services for a lot lower cost; going to add recycling, you’re going to cut down noise and wear and tear on the roads, I think it’s a win-win for everybody,” Parsons said.

The contract will go into effect this October. An informational letter will be mailed out to township customers soon, with details about schedules, living out existing contracts, and opt-out information.