Hearing the voices of the unborn

Dear Editor:

Thank you for publishing the column by the high school student that young voices need to be heard. The question that needs further discussion is “Who gets to decide WHICH young voices should be heard?”

As I walk through the Civil War display today, I remind my children of the Dred Scott decision and what an injustice that decision was. In the next century we had Roe vs. Wade, which decided that the young, prior to birth (and even partially born) would not be heard, except for their silent screams.

I hope as the writer of the column will do as my late college professor, a self-proclaimed “old time democrat” and member of the greatest generation taught me, to “watch what they do, not what they say.”

It is my hope that she opposes the violence done to the preborn so they can speak someday. She may wish to know that 3000 of them lose their future voices in the U.S. each day.

The day this column was printed was the original date we observed Memorial Day.

At that time people would be horrified if a baby was torn apart limb by limb, their voice, no more. Then, almost all people would earnestly oppose it as monstrous, but today, those numbers are less.

Today, some others want to treat it as similar to a tooth extraction, but it’s not. So who gets to decide which young voices are heard?

Most Sincerely,

Michael E. Voto
Knight of Columbus, 3rd Degree
Goshen, Ohio

B.A. (History), UC Arts & Sciences
BBA UC College Of Business
Member- VFW
Catholic husband and father of ten