A tribute poem for July 4

As we prepare to celebrate America’s birthday July 4th, we are reminded of those veterans who served to protect our freedom.

As we know “all gave some and some gave all”. Now is the time to salute our vets and reflect on those who lived and loved this great country.

Following is a tribute to a special man who left a lasting legacy in our county, our community and in Monroe Township where he served as the Administrator for many years.

Such a huge loss for our township as well as being the co-chair of our historic society.

A Tribute

There once was a man who loved….
His country: standing tall for the ‘red, white and blue’ saying the pledge to honor America and the veterans who gave their ‘all’!
His community: he reached out his hand to help the homeless and those in need; he was always ready to serve!
His children: he stooped down to pick up a child whether to laugh, love or comfort just to tell each one about Jesus!
His church: he always bowed his head to pray in silence or leading in a prayer; found faithful serving his GOD!
There are no plaques, no parades, no parks named to honor this humble man;
The call came; now he kneels before His Saviour But his memory lives on in our hearts!
And just W-H-O was this giant of a man?
His name was: Tom Wildey, August 6, 2017.

Libbie Bennett, Chair
Monroe Township Historic Society