Union Twp. trustees are comfortable with the number of furniture stores in the township

The Union Township Board of Trustees, from left: John McGraw, Robert McGee and Matthew Beamer.

By Brett Milam

The Union Township Board of Trustees met June 14 to discuss a variety of matters, including road and zoning projects, and whether the township has too many furniture stores.

Ken Geis, administrator, said he’s received a lot of questions regarding the storage facility at the corner of Eastgate Boulevard and Old Route 74; “a lot of questions on that project,” he said.

“It is an upscale tilt-up concrete project,” he said. “The board went to great lengths to make that as amenable as possible and to fit into that particular area with windows and other amenities on that. Again, that’s going to be a three-story facility, it’s going to be fully air-conditioned, that should be completed later this year.”

Geis also mentioned that he met with county officials, including the engineer’s office and the commissioners, to put together a federal grant that will ask for about $20 million for the Elick Lane/Bach-Buxton interchange project.

“What that will do, that’s already slated and it’s in the works, but if we’re able to obtain this grant for that, we can potentially push this project up to 2020, which means we could actively be underway with this project next year,” he said. “That’s probably been the biggest stumbling block for the development of the properties along Bach-Buxton and Elick Lane; we haven’t been able to fix the date of when that’s going to go in and the final access point off of that road.”

That grant has to be submitted the third week of July, Geis said, but they’ll know by the end of the year if they’re successful.

The township also authorized the transfer of an obsolete 1984 Pierce Arrow Aerial Platform fire truck to the Central Joint Fire & EMS District in the county.

“This is just another opportunity for us to repurpose a vehicle we have limited use for,” Geis said. “This vehicle is best served with someone else. It’s an opportunity to help another Clermont County community.”

Trustee John McGraw agreed, saying that it’s good to keep this equipment local. The trustees approved the transfer unanimously.

Union Township Police Department also has a new K-9 that will be coming on board in July, Robert McGee, trustee, said.

McGraw said there’s been a lot of growth in the county, with Sims Furniture coming in soon, but he said he received some comments about “another furniture store; why can’t we get something exciting?”

“I explained to them, having a vacant building that large is not good for any area,” he said. “It’s a tough place to suddenly fill when it’s that big of a building; the fact that you have investors putting in almost $3 million into a building, it’s great to see that kind of investment.”

The last thing you want is vacant buildings sitting around, he added.

McGraw said he took an “informal survey” and by far, people want more sit-down restaurants. Menards and Costco were also mentioned as desirable entities, with at least five people mentioning the former, he said.

“Some people typically asked for Panda Express,” McGraw said.

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