Steve Free and Millie Henley visited Franklin Township

By Linda Poe

Steve Free and Millie Henley visited Franklin Township on May 8, 2018 at the Felicity United Methodist Church. The second of three presentations sponsored by the Franklin Township Historical Society called Remarkable Civil War Women You Never Knew. Award winning singer and songwriter Steve Free and his wife opened the evening with versions of Count your blessing, Grandma’s Homemade Cherry Pie and others. Steve Free is from the Portsmouth, Ohio area. He is Native American. He had the audience clapping along with his music.

Millie Henley was dressed in a white dress with yellow stripes and a white hat. Her presentation of several women that I had never heard of but had contributed to the Civil War effort made you feel as if you were there with them and could feel their struggles.

Jayde Lowry baked Mary Todd Lincoln’s Almond cake. She served the cake with both regular and pink lemonade from a beautifully decorated table with a lovely tablecloth, hand-picked flowers from her family’s garden and delicious almond cake.