RISE awarded $413,908

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities recently announced that a collaboration between two local county boards of developmental disabilities (Hamilton and Clermont) and Envision (a local service provider) was awarded $413,908 to offer planned, therapeutic respite and intensive in-home supports services that will make it easier for children with significant behavioral problems to remain in their family home or foster family residence. The new program is called “RISE” (Respite, Intervention Services & Education).

“Although the vast majority of individuals with developmental disabilities do not have significant behavioral problems, there is a smaller sub-group that does. This can often create an untenable situation for their family members. We want to equip and support these families so there are less disruptions that could potentially require their child to leave the home temporarily or permanently,” said Jim Steffey, President & CEO of Envision.

In the coming months, Envision staff will recruit and train therapeutic foster care families and develop teachable strategies for parents and foster parents to employ when their child’s behavior becomes disruptive.

HCDDS and CCBDD will identify youth whom can benefit most from this program, provide support, and serve as the grant program’s fiscal agent. “We’re excited about the opportunity this grant presents to innovate and better support youth in their homes,” said Alice Pavey, superintendent of HCDDS. Dan Ottke, Superintendent of CCBDD, added: “By developing this program in partnership with Hamilton County and Envision, we’re able to have a greater impact in the region and develop something that can potentially be replicated in other parts of Ohio.”

For information about the role of HCDDS in the RISE program, contact Ryan Braun at (513) 559-6649 or ryanj.braun@hamiltondds.org

For information about the role of CCBDD in the RISE program, contact Lisa Davis at (513) 732-4921 or ldavis@clermontdd.org.