Nadia Jeelani: Why I am getting involved

The young voice is one a politician must listen to and here is why: the young people are fed up and outraged. If you want to succeed in your elections, stand by us, let us help you because we want to help.

I may not be able to vote, but that does not mean I do not have a voice. I am using my voice to help the people I want in, elected. You will be the people as my voice when I become an adult. Whether it be access to healthcare or basic needs as a young woman,

I need to make sure these people will be the right ones as I transition into adulthood. I find that many politicians ignore the power of the young voice in both parties. We are fresh; we are new.

Many people don’t like change or new things, yet complain about everything that goes on in Congress on the national and state level. The US representative for the 2nd Congressional District will be my voice. The State Representative for 66th District will be my voice. Will it get heard? It won’t if they are the wrong people.

One event that recently opened my eyes was in this past April. I met Senator Brown. He is an inspiration to me, and one of the few I am pleased with. He, too, needs to listen to the young voice and I noticed how politicians value more what the older people have to say rather than the younger.

I am not targeting anyone in specific; I am just targeting everyone in general. We wonder why 1 in 5 younger eligible voters don’t vote, it’s because we do not shed enough light or importance on their vote .

We have people saying we need the young people to get out and vote and stop being lazy, yet are they informed? From my experience so far with campaigns, in the primary election, many candidates just sent out information on the strong Democrats, which are usually the older crowd.

Many people do not realize that their crowd of supporters would be much wider if you made an effort to reach out to young people.

Yet, many people do not want to make that effort to inform the younger crowd. I was never informed, I know many people who were never informed and still aren’t.

Here are my proposed solutions: target college campuses; have fun events that get more young people involved and not boring meetings; actually converse with younger people; go door to door; just do more.

When you get more people involved, you will have a bigger group to deal with to access everyone ranging from 16-90 years old. I have joined Clermont County Young Democrats because as a young person getting ready to vote here in 2020, they give me access to fun events, fun opportunities, and insight to who is running in my area.

Even as a young person who wants to be involved in the Republican Party, they will welcome you with open arms to their meetings.

Any political party knows the significance of the young people because we are their future. This is always on my mind because many adults underestimate my voice, but many have been listening to it.

There are many things I do to help politicians. Politicians, we can help you, I want to help you. If I could have anything in the world right now, it would be the eligibility to vote.

My future is so much more than education; my future is sitting in the hands of Congress and the president, which are not so stable. Politicians, I beg you, do not ignore our voices.

Jeelani is an upcoming senior at Williamsburg High School and a Parliamentarian of Clermont County Young Democrats.