George Rooks: Seems I could mow every day

Howdy folks–Hope your electric was not out too long last week. Mine went out at 3 PM on Thursday and came on at 3 PM on Friday – that was a bad storm. If a person had a generator you were lucky.

I have never seen grass grow as fast as it does this year. It seems I could mow every three days to keep the yard looking good.

The honeybee inspector was here last week to check my bees. They were fine and I got another swarm and they are working good.

Talke to Mike at the Boars Head Bait Shop and he said the fishing is extra good. The crappie, channel catfish, stripers and bass are on a feeding spree now so get your tackle ready and go get some fine fish to eat. Mike said some of the channel catfish were in the 8 pound class. Also the stripers were between 3 pounds and 9 pounds. That size stripers will give a good fight and you need a good line. Some of the crappie are between 9 inches and 12 inches long. The fishing in the Ohio River is also good with different kinds of fish. When you fish down in the river, please don’t get up in the locks. The barges can’t stop and that causes problems.

My favorite birds are the hummingbirds. They are sure drinking lots of sugar water. I have a couple here and I hope to see a few more come in. Last year I had eight to ten most of the time. I go through a lot of sugar feeding them.

This morning I went to Nurri funeral home for a visitation for a lady – Linda Bryant. Her son married my granddaughter – his name is Jason. She was a very loving lady. She had lost her husband a while back.

The bass tournament on Wednesday evening has been very good. Also Grant Lake has some extra big bass. The winner at the tournament was around 12 to 14 pounds. Grant Lake has really become a good bass lake.

I got back from talking to the seniors at the senior center earlier today. There were about 50 there today. As I left this morning, Mr. Chester was on my bed. He doesn’t like to be disturbed until he has his nap.

There are some folks in Hamersville that put boxes together for the service folks. They put 87 boxes together. The cost to ship these boxes is $13.75. They are with the Matthew 25 Ministries. The boxes contain shaving cream and other items the service folks can’t get over there. This is wonderful – also the food pantry at the Catholic Church is the second Friday of each month from 11 AM to 12:30 PM.

Start your week by going to the house of worship of your choice and praising the good Lord.

God bless all . . .

More later . . .