Budding scientists at St. Louis

After competing in our St. Louis School Science Fair on January 25, 2018, several of our students advanced to the District 11 Science Day at the University of Cincinnati on March 10, 2018.

Having attained the rating of Superior they were able to continue to the State Science Day at the Ohio State University on May 12, 2018.

The following students received a superior rating at OSU:

The Team of Jayden Trimble and Paige Bartlett with a score of 47/50 and the Team of Kylee Freeman and Hannah Heller with a score of 46/50.

Three of our students achieved an excellent rating at OSU:

Ryan Blair with a score of 32/40

Xavier Carnicom with a score of 31/40 and

Ben Scheffter with a score of 32/40.

We are very proud to have these students attend St. Louis School!