Signing on to success: CNE holds academic signing

Students recognized at CNE High School’s second annual academic signing on May 16, 2018.

By Brett Milam

Clermont Northeastern High School held its second annual academic signing on May 16, where 45 students signing across 24 different institutions, including branches of the military, were recognized.

Representatives from the various colleges and branches of the military were present, as were family members and the rest of the high school to watch the ceremony.

The representatives included: Blaine Kelly from the University of Cincinnati; Amanda Hogge from Morehead State University; Kelly Watson from the University of Alabama; Jenny Shaw from Wilmington College; Marquez Young from Sinclair Community College; Lauren Mohr from Northern Kentucky University; Kristine Topmiller from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College; Kendal Schwab from Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences; Staff Sgt. Stuart Myler representing the United States Army; and Tech Sgt. Kyle Ray representing the United States Air Force.

TJ Glassmeyer, CNE High School’s principal, opened the ceremony, noting it’s a day to celebrate seniors who have “committed to furthering their education, training and careers at colleges, trade schools or in the United States military.”

Amy Gillio, school guidance counselor, then read off the names of each student, who would go up to a table at the front, complete their signing and shake hands with their respective school representative, all while the school band played a song.

“Today we celebrate them and the choices that they have made to move forward and to reach higher,” she said. “We wish them all the best that they take all the education they have received here at CNE and use that as a foundation for the future. We are proud to see them commit to the next steps in achieving their dreams.”

Gillio said the staff at the school challenges the classes of 2019, 2020 and 2021 to take an active role in their current education.

“Strive to do your best, and challenge yourself, explore careers and education options,” she said. “And most importantly, continue to ask questions and seek guidance from your family, teachers, principals, counselors and friends. Never stop dreaming and learning.”

She added, “You have a lot of life ahead of you and we’re here to help you take the steps to where you want to go.”

After all the names were called, Glassmeyer told the seniors this is just their first step on their journey, whatever their plans are, work hard, continue learning and “never give up.”

“I know that you all will do great things in the future,” he said. “We are very proud of all of you.”

The following students were recognized:

Zaid Ahmad​: Air Force​
Chris Moorhouse​: University of Alabama​
Lauren Higgins​: Anderson University, SC​
Nick Frank​: Army​
Gary Mayfield​: Army​
Cassidy Boyd​: Christ college of Nursing​
Alexis Dross​: Christ college of Nursing​
Victoria Langdon​: Christ college of Nursing​
Keeley Kierns​: UC​
Kennedy Beasley​: UC​
Russell Brock: UC
Sam Caldwell: UC
Ethan Craig: UC
Megan Hempleman: UC
Kiley Smith: UC
Alexis Werner: UC
Brandi Apgar: UC
Halle Brown: UC
Georgetta Beebe: UC
Samantha Coley: UC
Katelin Moss: UC
Eric Sowards: UC
Joe Welage​: UC
Joey Groeber​: Cincinnati Christian University
Kaitlyn Simmons​: Cincinnati State​
Ivy Young​: Cincinnati State​
Emily Kuntz​: Goshen College, Indiana
Tyisha Conley​: Great Oaks​
Destiny Parsons​: Hocking College​
Bethany Gilkison​: Kent State​
Rebecca Werring​: Morehead State​
Kelly Beck​: NKU​
Elizabeth Glancy​: NKU​
Skylar Shircliff​: NKU​
Clara Brinson​: OU​
Emilee Caudill​: OU​
Amber Rossman​: OU​
Tim Huff​: Ohio Northern University
Elizabeth Lambing​: Ohio State​
Kassi Billow​: Sinclair​
Keirsten Taylor​: Southern State​
Brooklyn Hise​: Warren County Career​ Center
Madeline Price​: Wilmington College​
Erika Smith​-: Xavier and Army
Ashley Jeffers: Xavier and Army