Grand Worthy Patron, 2017-2018, Dave Sexton of Amelia Chapter #338

Pictured on left: Sandi Herman, Worthy Grand Matron, Guernsey Chapter #211; in middle, Jeni Casbar, the Grand Adah of the State of Ohio and also from Amelia Eastern Star #338; and on right, Dave Sexton, Worthy Grand Patron of the State of Ohio.

During high school and three years after graduating. I worked for my father who owned and operated a service station in Blue Ash, Ohio. I then served a four-year apprenticeship in Cincinnati Local #18 Bricklayers Union. I was indentured to David Hummel Building Co. in Cincinnati, Ohio. I worked 34 years as a union bricklayer before retiring.

After retirement, I went to work for the board of Clermont County Development Disabilities where I oversaw building maintenance. I have since from the position.

I was raised a Master Mason in Batavia #104 in 1992. In 2000 and 2015, I served as Master of the Lodge. I also served as secretary for four years.

I was initiated into Amelia Chapter #338 in 2002. Paul and Gaynell Briton ask us to join the Eastern Star and signed our petitions. I served as Marshal, Chaplain, Associate Patron and Worthy patron. I was Worthy Patron in 2007 and 2012.

My wife and are members of Emmanuel United Methodist Church in Batavia, Ohio. I currently serve as a member of the SPRC (Staff Pastor Relations Committee) Board. During the construction of the new church facility, I over saw the construction. I served as a trustee for several years and still am involved with the building maintenance.

Before retiring the first time, a fellow bricklayer and I built a lot of homes. We used to joke about what people meant about having hobbies.

We worked many hours after working 8 hours in the Union and didn’t have time for anything else. Now that I have retired for the second time my interest varied. Although some of my interests involve work it is something I enjoy very much-my Our yard, my garden and general upkeep of our property. I love to read (John Grisham is one of my favorite authors) and work all the crossword puzzles in the daily newspaper.

I enjoy Masonry and the Order of The Eastern Star and traveling in all those bodies.

Most of all I enjoy whatever the grandchildren are involved in (sports, music, plays etc.) God bless the grandkids!

Amelia Chapter Eastern Star # 338 are very proud of Dave and his accomplishments. Dave is the Very First Worthy Grand Patron of the State of Ohio from our Chapter.