George Rooks: Come for the stories from the past

Howdy folks–Well we lost another fine lady – Edna Ma Emery. She was a young 91. Folks will miss her – she was involved in the community fire department, Historical Society and many other events.

The time has sure gone by as it is about time for the Old Bethel event on Memorial Day, May 28. The services will start at 10 AM and last till 11 AM. The Legion will be at the cemetery to honor the veterans. The Kenner Express will be there to play music and John Hale will be there to sing for us. There will be plenty of stories from the folks about the past and some snacks for you to enjoy so mark your calendar for that date. I sure hope to see all of you there.

I went down to the Union Township Hall last week to talk to the Union Township Citizens Police Academy Alumni group. There was a nice group of folks there.

The garden is getting planted with tomatoes, cucumbers, and plenty of flowers. I put marigolds around the tomatoes hoping that the deer will not bother them. The blueberries and strawberries have berries on them. I have been mowing plenty of grass along with lots of folks. The dry weather is a blessing.

I was talking to Mike at the Boars Head Bait Shop in Afton and he said the crappie are really being caught. A lot of small ones are being caught, but they will grow up. The bigger fish are biting good also.

The weather is just right for the honeybees to make honey—they are working overtime making honey. I got several different kinds of flowers for the bees from Grants Farm. I went to them and asked Tony to help me get the flowers for the bees.

The dry weather is a blessing for the farmers as they are getting plenty of crops planted. I have seen some corn and beans coming up.

I saw one field of corn that was about 5 inches tall and the grass was taller than the corn. Several fields of soy beans are up so you can row them. I saw several fields of wheat that is starting to head. It will be ready to harvest before long.

Mr. Chester had a chipmunk this morning playing with it. He would turn it loose and as it ran he would run and catch it again. He finally got tired so he let it go. We had another cat that did the same thing. Mr. Chester won’t eat mice nor the chipmunks.

The Empower Youth will start having picnics in the park in Bethel the first part of June. That is a wonderful event and I plan to help serve again this year.

Start your week by going to the house of worship of your choice and praising the good Lord.

God bless all . . . `

More later . . .