A Bethel-Tate student is making a different with his case for STEM funds

Noah Bruce with a small thank you from PALS and Bethel-Tate Schools

“It just feels so good to give back!” This was the comment made recently by Bethel-Tate junior Noah Bruce.

Noah is currently enrolled in a class at the University of Cincinnati Clermont campus where he is studying environmental science.

As an assignment in the class, the students were required to choose a non-profit organization that is making an impact in our community.

They were then required to study this organization’s needs, and write a grant proposal for funds from the “Pay It Forward” program.

As a former student in the Bethel-Tate Gifted STEM Program, Noah wanted to make a case for these funds to benefit the current students participating in the program. Noah focused his grant proposal on PALS (Parents of Advanced Learners), the non-profit boosters group that supports the Bethel-Tate Gifted STEM Program. He specified that he wanted the funds to go toward the organization’s participation in the Science Olympiad Competition for the spring of 2019. Noah had heard about how the students participating in Science Olympiad were benefiting from the engineering, problem-solving, and experimentation that goes into the event.

Upon presenting his proposal to his class and the funders of the grant, Noah learned that his project had indeed been chosen for a $1000 award. The officers of PALS were notified, and gladly accepted this gift. Our Bethel-Tate Middle School STEM students have now been provided with the funds to cover entrance fees, transportation, and study materials for the 2019 Science Olympiad competition, which will take place a Xavier University next March.

Noah, the students of Bethel-Tate say, “Thank you!”