George Rooks: Spend time with your mother, wife

Howdy folks–It seems we are close to Mother’s Day which is on Sunday, May 13. I have lost both of my mother and my wife so spend as much time as you can with both of them because when they are gone you will think why didn’t I do this with them. Ruth Ann and I had a custom when we were out, we always held hands. I miss that. We always tried to do things together. We never know how when other people are watching the way we live our lives.

The Grants Farm and Greenhouse have plenty of flowers and plants. It seems the weather has been favorable to put plants in the gardens. I put six blackberry plants in a raised bed. I got some strawberry plants to put in a raised bed. Of course, I will put a fence around the blueberries and strawberries. I had some strawberries that the deer didn’t bother so I didn’t put up a fence, but now they ate them. I have the tomatoes in the walls of water and they are doing good. I have one tomato plant here in the house that is over 3 foot tall and there is a tomato on it.

Today Paula and I go to the senior citizens above Batavia and I talk to them for an hour. I go around and shake hands and talk to each of them. They are so wonderful.

I put up a feeder for the hummingbirds a couple weeks ago. I saw a hummingbird at the feeder this week. They are one of my favorite birds. I saw a raccoon at one of the birdfeeders and saw another one climbing the side of the garage to get to the hanging feeder. I opened the kitchen door and it ran for the woods. The food supply for the critters must be low. They sure love my birdfeeders. I bought, I hope, the last bag of bird seed for this winter. I looked out the window and there was a raccoon eating the seeds a squirrel had thrown out. They don’t seem to mind how much the feed cost as long as they can have something to eat.

If you folks would like to hear some good music go to the Salt Air Church on Sunday, May 13 (Mother’s Day). The Soul’d Out Quartet will be performing that evening. I always thought the Statler Brothers were the best but since I heard the Soul’d Out Quartet singing, I believe they are as good as the Statler’s.

Mr. Chester is doing fine he is in my chair as I write this. The bluebirds have a nest in the bluebird box and the hummingbirds are back and I am so glad. I’ve been hearing from other folks at their hummingbirds are back also.

Start your week by going to the house of worship of your choice and praising the good Lord.

God bless all . . .

More later . . .