Animal sheltering in the county reimagined

Photo is Huey at an off-site adoption event with our volunteer, David Ankenbauer. Huey is at the shelter and available for adoption.

Animal sheltering in Clermont County is being re-imagined.

It’s exciting, and I invite you to explore all that is happening right here in your own back yard.

As Executive Director of Clermont Animal CARE Humane Society, I am responsible for the care of animals at our shelter as well as the programs created to support our community of pet owners.

We have been managing the shelter since 1/1/18, and are committed to finding new and better ways to serve the animals and people of Clermont County.

Our team is committed to the “no-kill” approach to animal sheltering, as well as to improving the lives of animals who come through our doors.

In addition to providing humane care and not euthanizing because of limited space, we are focused on offering access to training and top-quality medical care as we work to find good homes for our shelter animals.

To further this effort, we are creating new programs and partnering with other service providers to offer resources, referrals and support to pet owners.

This includes low-cost spay/neuter and microchipping, and assistance with food, housing and veterinary care referrals.

We also have a monthly transport to the UCAN spay/neuter clinic from our shelter, offer free spay/neuter for pit bulls, and have secured funding to extend a $20 spay/neuter offer for cats of Clermont County residents through the end of the year.

At the shelter, we offer $25 microchipping, which is a permanent form of identification to help your pet find its way back to you should it become lost.

We also have microchip events scheduled in various locations throughout the county this summer.

These kinds of programs not only help owned pets in the community, but they serve as an important way to help keep animals out of the shelter system and in homes with their families where they belong.

The notion of a no-kill animal shelter is not new. It’s been around for awhile. But what IS new is the idea of expanding this view to create a No-Kill Community here in Clermont County. We are managing life-saving programs each and every day here at the shelter, but life-saving cannot be limited to the four walls of our facility — we need you.

A vitally important program that is 100% dependent on community involvement is our foster program.

In addition to the traditional fostering, we are rolling out new and innovative programs that offer chances for our animals to leave the shelter and interact with a family for a short period.

These can be weekend get-aways, day trips or even lunch-date foster experiences.

It’s fun, rewarding and a great way for families to experience the joy of having a pet for a short period, even if they’re not in a position to make a lifetime commitment. 

We also rely on our community to report and bring in stray animals. Our Facebook page is a great tool that often helps reunite strays with their families.

We are grateful for the steady donations of food and supplies that are brought to the shelter every week, and for the generous financial contributions from our supporters to help keep our shelter running.

And we rely on volunteers to fill a wide array of needs, including animal socialization, transport and administrative tasks, some of which can be done from your home.

So please consider how you can become involved in supporting the growth of your county animal shelter and the realization of our vision to become a no-kill community.

As a caring member of this community, you are an integral part of our mission to improve the lives of animals in Clermont County. We cannot do this alone.

I invite you to join us on this exciting journey!

Come visit during our normal business hours, or give us a call at 513-732-8854 or visit us online at to learn more.

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