Milford Historical Society recognizes Milford District Art Show students

The Greater Milford Area Historical Society (GMAHS) participated in the Milford Schools District Art Show on April 21, 2018 where it recognized students in the Historic Milford category. The art show, held annually for students in grades 1-12, was held at the Milford High School.

GMAHS is honored to present award certificates to the following students:

Zoe Hams and Richel Patel – McCormick Elementary School fifth grade students

Kylie Hasenmeier – McCormick Elementary School sixth grade students

Liv Bailey (sophomore); Felicity Gentry (junior); Toni Anderkin, Sara Boulares, Caleb Fogelman and Clayton Virzi (seniors) – Milford High School

“We are excited about this partnership with Milford schools,” says Donna Amann, administrator, GMAHS. “What a wonderful way to connect art and history. We strongly believe that art is an important link to history, as it enables us to visually learn how our community has evolved over time. We hope to continue the art show recognition as a way to get students excited about history and express that enthusiasm through their art.”

GMAHS thanks Janelle Schunk and the Milford Schools’ art teachers for their help in getting students involved; and, recognizes the following project sponsors: Suzette Albrecht (ProForma Albrecht & Co.) and Norvita Hildbold.