Marc Hoover: The mysterious Patomisky crater

Marc Hoover

Siberia is known for being a desolate location. It is also known for its fierce winters, subzero cold temperatures, and as a death site for many dinosaurs that now sleep eternally in blocks of ice. Unfortunately, most people know Siberia as a former prison camp and labor camp. It was also used as a place of exile. At least half-a-million prisoners died in Siberia.

The site is also the home of one of Russia’s strangest mysteries.

Unknown too many non-Russians, there is an area in Siberia that is rumored to be evil. A location where the forest is alive and takes vengeance against trespassers. According to locals, animals in the forest refuse to go near this area and anything that gets too close mysteriously dies. It is the site of Russia’s strangest landmark.

This landmark is known as the mysterious Patomisky crater.

To understand the mystery, you must go back to 1949. A geologist named Vadim Kolpakov went on a mission to investigate and map a location deep in the Siberian woods. After speaking to locals, they informed him the location was dangerous. However, Kolpakov’s scientific mind didn’t scare off so easily. He was determined to investigate this ‘evil land’ and map it.

What Kolpakov found surprised him. He had located a large crater that was roughly 25 stories high. It was shaped like an enormous cone. The mysterious crater didn’t have any vegetation and wasn’t inhabited by any animals. It resembled a large bird’s nest. It has even been referred to as the ‘eagle’s nest.’

So what was it?

Kolpakov ruled out a volcano since there was no nearby volcanic activity. He also ruled out the discovery as manmade since there weren’t enough locals to possibly build something so massive. Additionally, no prison camps were ever located at this part of Siberia. The site was considered a location of a possible meteor strike but that has also been ruled out as no meteor fragments were found.

It’s also a possibility that the crater was made by an alien spacecraft. Of course that couldn’t be proven or disproven either. Kolpakov estimated the strange crater was more than 200 years old. It has also been discovered that nearby trees have grown at an accelerated rate. The crater is considered to be alive because its shape consistently changes.

To add even more intrigue, another geologist named Eugeny Vorobiev set off with an expedition to investigate the mysterious crater in 2005. Unfortunately, before he got to the crater he suddenly dropped dead. His death was ruled as a heart attack. But locals claimed the evil forest had killed Vorobiev.

Even today, the crater still keeps its secrets. No one knows what it is or where it came from. If you believe in aliens, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think the crater was created by something beyond Earth. Consider the location. It’s in a part of Siberia that doesn’t have much human interaction. It’s also far enough in the forest that an alien could easily inhabit this area without detection.

A Russian scientist named Igor Simonov also examined some of the fragments. He said the material was made of something not of this Earth. Instead, the hard material likely came from outer space. Even Simonov didn’t completely rule out an alien entity. He eventually just admitted he didn’t know what the crater was.

Although the Patomisky crater was found more than 50 years ago, no one is any closer to solving this mystery. But for those who believe in aliens, the mysterious crater could serve as proof that alien life might exist since it wasn’t created from anything known to man. And if neither man nor meteor created this strange crater, who or what did?

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