Manufacturing training program opens at CNC for 2018-2019 year

Greg Knox speaks, as Great Oaks President CEO Harry Snyder and students look on.

New opportunities began for adult career-seekers this week at Great Oaks Career Campuses.

Dozens of area business owners, local officials, and prospective students gathered in the precision machining lab at Live Oaks Career Campus in Milford to view the equipment and hear about the CNC Manufacturing program, which is now accepting students for the 2018-2019 year.

Greg Knox, CEO of Knox Machinery, told the crowd about recent conversations with Vice President Mike Pence and later, President Donald Trump. “Growing, mining, and manufacturing are the foundation of American business, I said, and we need to make sure that people know about opportunities in those fields.”

“The perception of manufacturing in the United States is that it’s dirty and noisy,” Knox said. “The reality is that manufacturing is done in clean, bright buildings using computerized equipment—and it requires skilled professionals.”

The CNC Manufacturing program at Great Oaks is designed to create those skilled professionals.

Adult learners will spend 11 months taking evening classes to learn computer numeric control (CNC) machining, computer-assisted drafting, and machine tool set-up and machining skills.

Those who complete the program can earn professional certifications.

Knox said that those taking training programs like CNC Manufacturing have an economic advantage over others.

“In less than a year, these individuals can be ready for careers starting at as much as $20 per hour, while their classmates who went to college will spend three more years building up student debt. Manufacturing professionals will be putting money in the bank.”

For more information about the CNC Manufacturing program, go to or call 513.771.8881.