Letter to the Editor: To those with alcohol problems

To the person who has a drinking problem,

I was that person until I found Jesus and he took all that was negative in my life and turned it around for the good. I have empathy for you. I know how it feels. I was a functional, working alcoholic.

I would wake up at 5 a.m. and the first thing I would grab was a beer to start my day off. Then two or three more beers before work. That is not normal behavior.

I quit drinking so many times and I was miserable without it; then one day, the Lord showed me it’s not the alcohol that is the core issue, it’s deeper than that.

It is that you have no peace or joy in life.

I had no direction in my life. God showed me this world is so negative. There are no morals to live by. That’s when the Lord said there are two paths: one is the path of destruction; the other is the path of righteous. I chose the path of righteous.

I no longer listen to all my thoughts. Some of our thoughts come from bad TV programs, music, and just everyday gossip on the street.

We believe them and think that must be true. When I started following Christ, that world of stuff meant nothing to me anymore. My life with Christ filled my void in my heart and soul. I no longer crave alcohol anymore.

I’m joyful and can’t wait to show people how I changed. If I can be joyful in prison, ho wmuch more can you? We have a choice: you can do what you always did (wake up shaking, sweating, vomiting sick all the time) or it can stop now with a little work.

I wake up now watching the sun rise up with a cup of coffee and thanking god for a new day. The Bible tells us this is not our home, we have a purpose in life to help others.

This life is not all about us; we will die like an apple seed, then be born to a new life. What path do you want to be on?

Find a good church and start going to Bible study.

Come out of your comfort zone and trust God, watch what happens.

God loves you. I do, too.

Write me, if you want to.

God bless.

Danny Whittaker is an inmate incarcerated at the London Correctional Institute in London, Ohio. His inmate number is: 709-908.

Whittaker was charged with vehicular assault and operating a motor vehicle while on alcohol or drugs in October 2014 and sentenced to six years in prison. He is eligible for release on March 30, 2019.