Letter to the Editor: On school security and guns

Letter to the Editor – Ref: Doctor Everhard’s anti-gun political position, [Clermont Sun, March 29, 2018]

We’ve had too many shootings on school properties nationwide, but none have involved self propelled weapons. In all cases these catastrophes involved deranged people with ineffective detection and response systems to dissuade them from entering the “gun-free” zones we call school grounds.

The recent Florida event had a tragic lack of police and security involvement despite many early warnings from concerned citizens. One brave armed veteran or policeman with a gun could’ve stopped that carnage

The Sun’s recent article about Batavia schools video monitoring is somewhat reassuring but hopefully just forgot to mention the numerous metal detectors at all entries to school properties, and the auto-alarm systems into the main offices alerting the school security officer and other qualified and armed volunteers who are physically able to respond promptly to anyone seeking entry who may be carrying guns or explosive devices. On that latter subject, we will wonder if there are protective methods being used to stop the next deranged character who shows up with some chemical or biologic agent to do what a gun-totter can’t do. Perhaps it’s time to start using trained outside monitoring and detection systems (such as dogs of even drone devices) to discourage that type of attack. The recent Austin bombings provided warning of what may be on the horizon.

In all of these situations we hear little or nothing about parents, or even senior volunteers, who might be willing to put in some time at the schools, “walking the grounds”, with local communication systems to allow frequent check-in with an inside volunteer or office staff person.

Regarding the advice of Dr. Everhard and her “military consultants” on weapon use: we live in an increasingly dangerous society with notable loss of moral and ethical guidelines. Most citizens who buy defensive weapons have no use for an AR-15, but do have possible uses for a shotgun or pistol that is able to stop a break-in, or perhaps an armed robber or burglar. As many have said, it takes 5 to 10 minutes for police to respond to a break-in, but less than 15-seconds for an armed home owner to protect her family and property if she has a gun and knows how to use it.


Larry Osterman
Amelia, Ohio

PS: Not an NRA member, but a Navy veteran with some good basic training in weapons (and communication electronics). (Also eleven years at Mosler Safe Company In Hamilton, specializing in security systems and equipment.)