George Rooks: Fisherman wanna go fishing bad

Howdy folks–The Shepherds Place in Bethel had a craft show last Saturday during the snow. There were probably 10 people they came in visit the show due to the bad weather. At times it’s snowed so hard are you could not see the road. There were several crafters there. I am a person that uses items instead of putting them in the garbage. I make birdfeeders out of orange juice plastic jars and peanut butter jars. There was a lady at the show that made shoulder bags out of feed bags. She would could cut the bags in half and then make shoulder straps to hold the bags up. I was very impressed with the shoulder bags with pictures of baby chicks, horses and other animals on them.

Talked to Mike at the Boars Head Bait Shop in Afton. The fishermen are wanting to go fishing so bad. His first granddaughter was a year old last month so of course they had a birthday party for her and the cake was destroyed and of course the floor had cake icing all over it.

The holy week services are really well attended. On Palm Sunday the service was at the 3C Church here in Bethel with a full house. Then on Monday night the service was at the Faith Chapel here at Bantam with preacher Doug Stockton preaching to a full house.

The green houses are busy. Grants Farm and Greenhouses have a house on State Route 131 above Williams Corner. They have set about 90 to 100 tomato plants in the greenhouse hoping to have ripe tomatoes by the end of May. I have a tomato plant that is 23 inches tall with three blooms on it along with green onions, radishes, and blueberries growing in containers in the window. I got some better bush tomatoes that are small. I needed some stuff growing.

Talked to Grants Greenhouse and they are planting peppers of different colors. The tomatoes are growing good. Talked to Ellis Greenhouse on Tollgate Road and they have all kinds of flowers including pansies, taters, onion sets and plenty of seeds just waiting on the weather to warm up.

Mr. Chester is laying in my chair and has me trained well to know when he wants me to let him out or when his dry food bowl gets low to add food. I took my brother to lunch at Poochies on Monday—that is my brother that my mother raised so he is my adopted brother. He has a dog that trained him. When the dog wants to go out it will pace in front of the door. If he doesn’t move the dog will run to him and bark – animals can train as well.

Start your week by going to the house of worship of your choice and praising the good Lord.

God bless all . . .

More later . . .