George Rooks: Birds, Easter Sunday and Chester

Howdy folks–The rain and snow doesn’t want to let go. The lake is around 47°. Some folks went fishing over the weekend and caught a few crappie and bluegill (my favorite fish). Several lakes had bass tournaments over the weekend – a couple of those were Rocky Fork and Grant Lake.  Trout has been put in Rocky Fork and the Wildlife Division plan to also stock trout in Stonelick Lake.

The holy week services last week were special and each church had a good crowd, good music and good preaching. I always enjoy the services. It’s a way to keep in touch with the Lord.

I got some blueberry plants from Grant’s Greenhouse. They have several blooms on them. Each of the green houses have plenty of plants so go visit each of them. The Grange at Nickolsville will have their plant sale on May 5. The plants come from the Grant Farm. They are very good plants. You will find the Grange folks are very friendly. Now on April 13, the second Friday, the Grange will have the bake sale at the 360 Auction on State Route 125 in Amelia. Ruth Ann always made the buckeye balls so now my granddaughters make them for me to take to the sale. The folks sure like them and there are different kinds of baked items.

Paul and I had a good Easter with our family. We went to my daughters and then Paula and I went to her grandson’s for Easter.

The birds are eating lots of bird seeds along with the squirrels. I saw a couple of purple martins at the feeder a few days ago and was hoping they would nest in the Martin house.

Mr. Chester is doing fine. He sleeping on my bed now. The other evening he was running through the house. I went to look at his dry food bowl and it was low. I filled it up and he stopped running and stood and looked at me.

The Shepherd House in Bethel will have a craft show to make up for the one in March when it snowed. The Shepherd House is doing a great service for the children so come help the crafters please.

Start your week by going to the house of worship of your choice and praising the good Lord.

God bless all . . . `

More later . . .