George Rooks: At Grant’s farm and greenhouse

Howdy folks–The Monroe Grange has been making pillowcases for the children that have cancer. These are called ‘Cases for Smiles.” When the child comes back from a treatment they have a new pillow case. The Grange to has been making these for several years. This is one thing the Grange does – they also buy trophies for the kids at the fair. The Grange feels this is a very important thing to do. The Grange furnishes a Thanksgiving meal for a family at Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts for seniors at Christmas. If you would like to join the Grange and be a part of this fine organization, give me a call. The Grange is an agricultural organization. A report is given at each meeting on what the farmers are doing and how much the crops are producing. The farmers are producing food for the world.

I have been over to the Grant’s Farm and Greenhouse, as this was the first day of the two day open house. They had a good crowd at the farm. I went down to the greenhouse on State Route 131 and they were doing a good business, too. I always like to see the tomatoes they set in one of the green houses – probably over 95 tomatoes. Talked to the Ellis Greenhouse on Tollgate Road out of Williamsburg and they have plenty of good vegetable plants, flowers, roses, Mulch plus other items. They will be happy to see you and help answer your questions or tell you how to plant your plants.

The Bethel Baptist Church will have the National Day of Prayer service on Thursday, May 3, at 7 PM at the church. After the services there will be snacks and fellowship in the basement.

The quarter auction held at the Bethel school last Thursday evening was a success. There was a good crowd – the community supports the fire department. We are very fortunate to have a department like this.

I tilled up three raised beds last week. They were dry so I am going to plant cabbage, spinach and green onions. They won’t mind the cool weather. I like onions. I had a sandwich the other day with two slices of bread, peanut butter and a slice of white onion – very good.

I was watching the birds at the feeder and saw an orchard oriole–the first one I have seen this year. The cow birds are here and as I said before I have not seen them come to my feeders previously. I saw a bluebird last week and they are starting to build a nest. They are so pretty. I filled one hummingbird feeder and hung it up. A lady told me she has done the same thing. Paula told me she is going to try and do some gardening this year.

Start your week by going to the house of worship of your choice and praising the good Lord.

God bless all . . . `

More later . . .