Bethel Skyline to be torn down, replaced by a new facility

Bethel Skyline, a fixture in the community for decades, is being torn down to make way for a brand-new facility.

The temporary closing of the landmark restaurant on Bethel’s Plane Street was necessary to replace the aging building which was no longer helping to provide the best dining experience for guests.

The David Restaurant Group has operated the restaurant since 2002.

DRG president Nader David said that after growing a successful business over the course of nearly two decades, it was time to upgrade the facility.

“We want to create the best dining experience in the area,” David said. “We have been growing a successful business over the last 16 years, and the time has come to upgrade the facility. The facility we are building will be very family-friendly and comfortable.”

David said that the restaurant’s design is the latest Skyline prototype, so it will have a new look and feel.

The building was originally opened as a Roy Rogers restaurant in the early 1970s. A Skyline was opened at the location in 1998, and the David family purchased the restaurant in 2002.

The projected opening date for the new Skyline is Labor Day, 2018.

The opening of the new restaurant will create dozens of jobs with advancement potential, with more than 60 people expected to be hired before the new Skyline opens its doors.

Anyone interested in these great employment opportunities should apply today. Apply for crew positions online at or call (513) 259-6573 for management positions.