Former Fire Cadet now runs program in Franklin Township

Franklin Township Fire and EMS cadets meet every Tuesday at the Franklin Township Fire and EMS Building 6pm-9pm.

Kids ages 14-18 are welcome and they do not need to be residents of Franklin Township.

Coordinators Brian Barger and Travis Hull teach cadets programs ranging from EMS Skills (CPR, Basic Life Saving, backboarding, full body mobilization, packaging patients to a cot), the Fire 1 Curriculum (Fire suppression, light rescue, ropes, ladders) and how to maintain equipment.

Brian Barger is a firefighter/EMT who has worked for the township for over 5 years. Travis Hull is also a firefighter/EMT and was a fire cadet through Franklin Township; he was given a scholarship through the cadet training for fire school in 2011.

He is now taking over the fire /EMS cadet program and is excited for the opportunity to help other young people into a career field he loves. Scholarships may be available to cadets through Franklin Township for Fire and EMT school.

To be eligible for the scholarship cadets must complete at least a year of the cadet program.

For any questions regarding the cadet program please call the Franklin Township Fire and EMS Department at 513 876-2200.