Commissioners hear update on county CASC program

By Megan Alley
Sun staff

The Clermont County Commissioners met on April 9 to handle a variety of business matters.

— The commissioners issued a proclamation designating April 9-15 as “Bringing Help. Bringing Hope. Thank You. Week of Appreciation” in the county.

— Steven Goldsberry, vice president of addiction services for the Clermont Recovery Center, gave a status update on the community alternative sentencing center.

The facility, which opened in August 2013 and is currently operated by the CRC, provides an alternative for misdemeanor drug and alcohol offenders. It offers substance abuse treatment, life skills classes and educational and workforce services.

The CASC has had more than 800 referrals and 500 admissions. The average stay for a person in the CASC is 36.32 days, with the average sentence being 42.04 days.

Goldsberry reported that 80 percent of successful CASC participants do not receive time in jail in a six-month follow-up, where 89 percent of unsuccessful participants do.

“It just seems to me that it’s a tremendous success,” Commissioner Ed Humphrey said. “We’re cutting down the number of people that return, we’re giving people tools to be able to recover; that’s outstanding.”

— The commissioners approved appointments and/or reappointments to serve on the Clermont County Airport Zoning Board of Appeals, the Clermont County Flood Damage Prevention Variance Board, and the Clermont County Water Management and Sediment Control Regulations Variance Appeals Board; the three boards are combined and share members.

Jeff Stine, an engineer from Bethel, was appointed to serve a second full three year term from April 7, 2018, through April 6, 2021.

Richard Riebel, of New Richmond who works in the construction field, was appointed to serve his first full three year term from April 9, 2018, to April 8, 2021.

— The commissioners approved an agreement that will utilize $37,300.20 from the State Homeland Security Grant Program to purchase and install mobile and portable radios for local public safety agencies.

– The commissioners approved a three-year contract between the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office and the West Clermont School District for the West Clermont Middle School resource officer.