American Legion awards presented by Post 72 dinner

We had our Fireman of the year award these men and women also make us feel safe in our homes.

They make sure in a moments notice to come to our assistance.

It might be a fire it might just be the road is blocked for any number of reasons. Fireman Scott Bavaro is the American Legion Fireman of the year for Post 72 and Clermont County 4th district of Ohio. Fireman Bavaria’s commitment to our community doesn’t stop at the firehouse door he has been very busy this year being a CPR Instructor also. He has helped over 700 people learn this life saving skill. With the help of dedicated Fireman like this our friends and family can feel safe knowing that someone he has trained just might be close by when we need it.

This skill is very important in today’s world as our brave 1st responders can’t always be by our side.

It makes us proud to present him with this award Fireman Of the Year.

Presented by Legionnaires Phil Pfeiffer, County Commander Ron Hartman, and Bill Wells, Accompanying Scott Bavaro in the Center were Chief Diemling, Lt Adam Dressler, and Assistant Chief Mark Fyffe.

Thanks Fireman Bavaro.

We want to thank our sponsors for our neediest kids program that is held every year at Christmas Poochies Place in Amelia Oh for feeding everyone a nice lunch, Sons of the American Legion, Ladies Auxiliary of the America Legion, Croswell Tours, JC Penny, Stronghold Storage and Toys R Us.

Thanks to their help and dedication.

It makes this program run smooth