Local baby gear rental service saves travelers and hosts time and money, and hassle

Lindsey Brown, a Batavia businesswoman, and mom, is making it easier for locals to play host to visiting family and friends traveling with young children through her baby gear rental service. Photo provided.

By Megan Alley
Sun staff

Through her baby gear rental service, a Batavia businesswoman, and mom, is making it easier for locals to play host to visiting family and friends traveling with young children.

Lindsey Brown got started as a Babierge – think a combination of “baby” and “concierge” – local independent service provider in August 2017.

She was inspired to join the company shortly after she found herself researching baby gear rental services for a trip she and her husband were planning with their then 9-month old daughter.

If you have kids, you know how crazy it can get trying to figure out all the stuff you have to take; where are they going to sleep, the car seat, the stroller, toys,” she said. “As I started digging around, I kind of realized the whole setup that [Babierge] has, and kind of fell in love with the idea right away.”

She added, “I called and got started the week that I found them, and have been doing it ever since.”

Babierge touts itself as “the largest baby gear rental service.” Through the company’s website, Babierge connects customers with local consultants they refer to as “Trusted Partners,” like Brown, who will deliver, setup and pick up the gear.

It’s a great concept,” she said.

Brown furnishes all the gear herself. She offers everything from full size cribs to jogging strollers, car seats and toy boxes.

I buy and own all of my equipment; it’s all quality gear, too … Babierge as a whole, and me included, really take pride on the fact that things are clean, and we’re always checking recalls to make sure that everything is safe,” Brown said.

Prices range from $1.00 a day for a car seat mirror to $14.00 a day for a full-size crib with linens. Packages are also available, as well as extended rental discounts.

I’m at a good price where it’s affordable – you’re paying for good quality equipment,” Brown said.

Customers are offered free local pickup from Brown’s Batavia home, or they can opt for delivery, setup and pickup, which costs up to $40, depending on location.

Brown serves customers throughout the tri-state area, which includes providing delivery service to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

So far, business has been “good,” according to Brown, who noted that rentals picked up around the holidays, but slowed a bit in the start of the new year.

I’m starting to see it get busier as people start planning summer vacations, and Memorial Day,” she said, “It’s starting to get busy again, which is great.”

She added, “I just love doing this; I love being busy and getting to meet new people.”

Brown says that her business offers customers a lot of benefits.

It minimizes the cost of buying [gear],” she said, adding, “You’re not storing stuff … and you know that what you’re getting is safe … this is the safest stuff that’s out there right now.”

Grandparents, in particular, are good prospective customers.

If you’re just buying stuff for grandkids that come once or twice a year, then it just ends up sitting in your house, and you’re trying to find space a lot of times; sometimes people just don’t want the stuff sitting in their house,” Brown explained. “The mental energy that goes in – there’s so much that goes in, even when you’re hosting your own family – I like to think that I could just take the burden of all the figuring out the gear, I get to take that burden off the grandparents, that way they can just spend energy planning where they’re going to go.”

For more information about the services Brown offers through Babierge, including directions for making a reservation, visit www.babierge.com/lindsey103.