Frisch Marionette Company entertains library-goers with free performance

Audiences gathered at the Clermont County Public Library’s new Miami Township branch on April 14, 2018, to see a performance from Kevin Frisch, a Cincinnati native and founder of The Frisch Marionette Company.

By Megan Alley
Sun staff

Kids of all ages, including adults, gathered at the Clermont County Public Library’s new Miami Township branch on April 14 to see a performance from The Frisch Marionette Company.

Kevin Frisch, a Cincinnati native and the company’s founder, singlehandedly put on the day’s show.

“The library contacted me, which I’m very grateful for,” he said.

Frisch got his start with Puppet Works Inc. in Brooklyn, New York in 1986, and then he moved back to Cincinnati to start his own company in 1995.

The Frisch Marionette Company produces and performs puppet shows for children and their families.

“We’re really designed to go to schools, libraries and perform at theatre groups, civic centers and all that; we’re kind of built for doing these functions,” Frisch said, noting, “We’re designed to go into schools for assemblies; this is a medium that will tap into every child, as a springboard for education, and I think that’s really important.”

The company also builds marionettes and puppets for film and video productions, print and displays.

In fact, Frisch is puppet builder for The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, and many of his pieces are on display in the theater’s lobby on Red Bank Road.

Frisch hopes that his shows will inspire kids to build their own puppets.

“I hope they’ll try making some puppets using their imagination a little bit to come up with their ideas; act it out and have some fun,” he said.

Similarly, Frisch said that he considers one of the best parts of being in puppetry to be using his creativity.

“Where you think of something that’s seemingly impossible to do, and knowing at the root that it’s possible through puppetry and theater in general, and then being able to get that onto the stage,” he explained. “There’s a lot of problem solving with this, and I think that’s a satisfying part for me.”

He added, “I come from an art background, and music and acting, so this incorporates everything I like.”

Kelly Cooper, of Loveland, brought her daughter Emerson Cooper, age 5, to the show.

“We had originally started coming just to check out the new library, and this is our second event now at the library … it’s pretty amazing,” Kelly Cooper said. “I’ve been very pleased with the shows that we’ve seen so far. I feel like they’re very high quality and hold my daughter’s interest.”

Emerson Cooper said that she liked the show, adding that her favorite part was “the three puppets.”

For more information about The Frisch Marionette Company, visit the company’s website at, or call 513-451-8875.