Bob, Bop, and Bill’s Pils (pilsner) debuts at Arthur’s Cafes

Arthur’s Café and Mt Carmel Brewing Company (MCBC) have teamed up to bring you a brand new beer featured at both Hyde Park and Anderson Arthur’s locations.

This house beer, thoughtfully named Bob, Bop, and Bill’s Pils was created in partnership with the 3 co-owners of Arthur’s Cafe. Named as a tribute to their fathers, this Pilsner is a true American Lager, brewed to be light, crisp, and refreshing.

The beer will be introduced by a week-long launch party, celebrated at both locations. Anderson will celebrate April 10-16th, 2018, and Hyde Park April 12-18th, 2018. Pints of Bob, Bop, and Bill’s Pils will be half off throughout the week and each purchased pint scores entry into a daily raffle for a basket of MCBC and Arthur’s goodies!

As long time customers and friends, MCBC was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to brew Arthur’s a private label beer.

Working together with their staff, Mt Carmel Brewing Company created a beer brewed specifically to their style guidelines and tasting profile.

This Pilsner is part of an ongoing program that was started at Arthur’s four years ago, celebrating local craft beer and creating an Arthur’s brand that they are truly a part of.

Inspired by a mural at the Hyde Park location, the graphics and marketing also reflect that brand and Arthur’s history.

For more information on Bob, Bop, and Bill’s Pils and Arthur’s Cafes, please visit or stop in to one of their two locations.

Arthur’s Hyde Park: 3516 Edwards Rd, Cincinnati Ohio 45208
Arthur’s Anderson: 8221 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati Ohio 45255