SBAAC hands out winter awards

The SBAAC honored first team wrestlers at a ceremony held at Hamersville Elementary/Middle School on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. Pictured, from left to right: Brian Stears (Williamsburg), Sam Brothers (Clinton-Massie), Davey Stamper (Western Brown), Daniel Greiner (Batavia), Isaac Allen (Wilmington), Matt Hall (Bethel-Tate), Zach Dunn (Goshen), Jordan Hamblin (Western Brown), Seth Taylor (Western Brown), Tanner Donathan (Western Brown), Jed Marlow (Western Brown), and Brandon Lucas (Western Brown). Not pictured: Eric Altman (Western Brown) and Wyatt Riddle (East Clinton).

By Garth Shanklin

Sports Editor

The Southern Buckeye Athletic and Academic Conference named winter all-stars at a ceremony at Hamersville Elementary/Middle School on Tuesday, March 6.

On the hardwood, Batavia’s Corbin Richardson earned a first-team American Division nod, as did Goshen’s Deonte Bailey and Tony Moore. New Richmond’s Jonathan Lang also earned a first- team slot.

On the second-team squad, Batavia’s Nate Watson, Goshen’s Kyle Proffitt and New Richmond’s Max Ernst all earned a spot on the team.

Honorable mentions in the American Division included Kaleb Moell (Batavia), Brandon Harrison (Goshen) and Tyler Heskamp (New Richmond).

In the National Division, Bethel-Tate’s Jacob Reinhart was the sole first-team rep for the Tigers. CNE’s Grant Fishback and Felicity’s Joey Glassmeyer also were first-team performers. Two Wildcats, Williamsburg’s Nate Bogan and Jacob Wells, were both first-team honorees.
Bogan also earned co-player of the year honors, along with Georgetown’s Noah Pack.

On the second-team squad, Jake Collins (Bethel-Tate), Skyler Schmidt (CNE), Marcus Simpson (Felicity) and Trent Kreimer (Williamsburg) were all named to the team.

Bethel-Tate’s Griffin Reinhart, CNE’s Ryan Martin, Felicity’s Logan Moore and Williamsburg’s Landen Ridener were honorable mentions.

On the girls’ side, Batavia’s Maggie Mehlman earned first-team honors. Goshen’s Paige Garr and Whitney Turner were also first-team honorees, as were New Richmond’s Kara King and Carley Clift.

Batavia’s Summer Stith, Goshen’s Kaitlyn Pfau and New Richmond’s Hailey Kramer were second-team performers.

Finally, Stephanie Carter (Batavia), Miranda Meyer (Goshen) and Addie Fagan (New Richmond) were honorable mentions.

In the National Division, Williamsburg head coach Mike Madsen earned coach of the year honors, with Alexis Chase earning the player of the
year nod, along with a first-team all-conference spot.

Teammates Peyton Fisher and Jessica Chase were also first-team performers. Felicity’s Kylie Sponcil, CNE’s Kiley Cooper and Bethel-Tate’s Allison Parks and Reagan Leonard were also named to the first-team squad.

Bethel-Tate’s Grace White earned a second-team nod, as did CNE’s Natalie Bockman. Felicity’s Madison Baird and Williamsburg’s Emily Brown were also second-team performers.

Madison Burton (Bethel-Tate), Kassi Billow (CNE), Hailey Sandker (Felicity) and Camille McManus (Williamsburg) were all honorable mentions.

On the wrestling mat, Bethel-Tate’s Tom Donahue earned coach of the year honors, while Williamsburg’s Brian Stears was named wrestler of the year.

Goshen’s Zach Dunn (145), Bethel-Tate’s Matt Hall (152) and Batavia’s Daniel Greiner (182) were first-team wrestlers, along with Stears.

Two other Warriors, Chase Huff and Josh Dunn were named to the second-team. Trey Sander
(Bethel-Tate), Ryan Wolf (New Richmond), Owen Holtke (Bethel-Tate), Ryan Buckley (182) and Trent Felts (195) all earned second-team nods.

In the first-ever season for bowling in the SBAAC, Goshen’s Mikey Hoff and New Richmond’s Cody Boshears were first- team performers. Two other Lions, Mathew Cox and Anthony Stamm, were second-team honorees.

In the National Division, CNE’s Layne Todd was named the player of the year. Teammates Donny Franz and Jered Glancy were also first-team performers, as was Bethel-Tate’s Malachi Price.

Bethel-Tate’s Cooper Dun and CNE’s Matt Miller were second-team performers.

On the girls’ side, Batavia’s Bailey Isaacs and Goshen’s Melody Singleton both earned first-team nods in the American Division. Two other Lady Bulldogs, Madison Clark and Caitlin Uecker, were second-team performers. Goshen’s Paisley Frye also earned a second-team nod.

In the National Divi-sion, CNE’s Michayla Eifert was named the player of the year. Coach Jeff Connor was named
coach of the year.

In addition to Eifert,┬áDestiny Sheangshang and Elizabeth Lindsley were named to the first-team squad. Bethel-Tate’s Tessa DeBell and Lizzi Giwer were also first-team per- formers, along with Williamsburg’s CC Goldizen and Hailey Long.

On the second-team squad, CNE’s Alyssa Ferguson joined Williamsburg’s Rosa Grippa and Kylie Yazell.

Finally, several Clermont County students were honored for their performance on the academic team. Batavia’s Michale Scott earned player of the year honors in the American Division. His coach, Holly Kopcha, was named co-coach of the year with Clinton-Massie’s Gil Farr.

In addition to Scott, Batavia’s Max Nicolaus earned first-team honors. Goshen’s Alyssa Chaney and New Richmond’s Derick Henderson also earned first-team honors.

Batavia’s Zach Lawson and Goshen’s Brecken Wells joined New Richmond’s Kelly Schmidt on the second-team squad.

Joel Williams (Batavia), Chris Chandler (Goshen) and Katie Huss (New Richmond) were all honorable mentions in the American Division.

In the National Division, CNE’s Missy Hardy was named co-coach of the year with Blanchester’s Tony Blevins.

CNE’s Emily Kuntz and Josh Smith were named to the first-team squad, with Felicity’s Kaylee VanHuss and Williamsburg’s Spencer Clark. Bethel-Tate’s Lindsey McMullen also earned a first-team nod.

Olivia Havran (Bethel-Tate), Jared Brown (CNE), William Sack (Felicity) and Lily Powell (Williamsburg) were named to the second-team squad.

Cordelia Brumley (Bethel-Tate), Gigi Beebe (CNE), Tommy White (Felicity) and Willow Kenneda (Williamsburg) were honorable mentions.