Marc Hoover: Do aliens exist or are we alone?

Marc Hoover

Are we alone in the universe? This debate has been ongoing forever. While some people are convinced aliens are real, just as many think little green men with big eyes and probes only exist in movies. Although I have never seen an alien, I find it difficult to believe we are the only beings in the universe. It’s too large. So have you ever wondered about the UFO phenomenon?

Marc Hoover

Wonder no more, because here are the real details about UFOs and aliens.

The unidentified flying object (UFO) is a large, unknown spacecraft or any other unexplained occurrence seen by human eyes. For centuries, people have reported UFO sightings from every corner of the planet. The earliest sittings go back to China during the fourth century. However, when it comes to aliens, most people refer to the strangest UFO incident in American history.

In 1947, a strange object fell from the sky and landed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. The ranch foreperson examined the debris and told the sheriff, who then contacted military authorities at Roswell Army Airfield. Intelligence officer Major Jesse Marcel recovered debris from the crash site and found tinfoil, wooden sticks, rubber, and metallic I-beams.

He even posed for a photograph with a substance that resembled the same tinfoil. On July 8, 1947, Major Marcel announced the items found were a weather balloon: the remnants of Project Mogul, a program once used to detect Soviet nuclear tests. The public didn’t accept the explanation. People suspected something more sinister than a weather balloon. Once conspiracy theorists discovered this story, whispers flooded the desert with tales of recovered dead aliens. The Air Force responded to this theory—the alleged aliens were recovered crash test dummies. Today, the debate continues. Conspiracy theorists claim the government has covered up alien bodies while the U.S. government continues to claim this theory isn’t true. Roswell remains a tourist attraction and the world’s UFO mecca.

In 1948, Kenneth Arnold, an amateur pilot, reported seeing nine crescent-shaped objects flying around Mount Rainier in Washington. He referred to the strange objects as “saucers skipping on water.” A local newspaper misquoted Arnold by saying the objects resembled saucers. After more than sixty years, we still refer to strange alien ships as flying saucers. UFOs have become so popular that celebrities and political leaders have reported visions of mysterious flying aircraft. U.S Representative Dennis Kucinich said he and actress Shirley MacLaine once witnessed a UFO. Even former President Jimmy Carter claims he saw a UFO in Georgia. Then you have actor Dan Aykroyd’s take on aliens. He claims aliens travel back and forth to Earth like taxis. If true, he didn’t mention what currency they accept for cab fare.

After the Roswell and Kenneth Arnold incidents, the U.S. military began to explore possible alien life. In 1948, the government developed a series of projects concentrated on extraterrestrial life. After Project Sign (1948) and Project Grudge (1952), the military compiled more than 12,000 UFO reports for Project Blue Book (1952-1969). The program operated from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Although the military identified most of the cases, a small percentage remained unidentified. After a decrease in sightings, the military abandoned Project Blue Book in 1969.

For years, people have claimed aliens have abducted them. These individuals say that strange creatures with enormous eyeballs captured and probed them. Hollywood has even made movies about alleged alien abductions. Ask anyone if they believe in flying spaceships and little green aliens and you will find a divided camp. Others believe the universe is so vast that it is unreal to assume we are the only living beings in the universe. Are we alone? This question will be forever etched into our brains.

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