Letter to the Editor: Why not just tax guns more?

I saw on the national news that the safest school in America is Southwestern High School in Shelby County, Indiana. I was very impressed with the tremendous measures that went into fortifying this school to protect the students and faculty. It’s too bad about the cost…$400,000. Wow! That would surely effect every homeowner and business in Hamilton County, if we are forced to make those improvements to every school, church, post office, shopping mall…where ever we’ve had mass shootings. Where will that money come from???

Well, if I’ve learned anything from our lawmakers in Washington, Columbus and Cincinnati, it’s that they know how to tax anything and everything. We can’t take guns away from citizens, good or bad; and we don’t want to mess with anyones’ right to bear arms, although for the life of me, I don’t understand why we need a gun that shoots faster than a person can breathe. Back to the solution: TAX THE HECK OUT OF THE GUNS. Hey, what’s it cost to be a card-carrying member of the NRA? Tax that too. What about ammo? Tax it. Gun parts, gunpowder, lead…whatever it takes to make guns and ammo. Tax it. I’m not talking 7% sales tax. I’m talking big money, the kind where you have to think, “can I afford the cost of this firepower and the tax that goes along with it?”

Our forefathers didn’t say it would be cheap to bear arms, they just said we have the right to it, just like we have the right to smoke, drink, drive, stay in hotels, travel, enjoy luxuries, entertainment, buy pot, even sex in some locations, etc. I didn’t really want to add this last thought, but here goes…I have so much confidence in our lawmakers (or more to the point, taxmakers), it won’t be long before they will find a way to tax the insane individuals who have put our nation in the position of finding it necessary to arm our teachers. I was educated by nuns, guns would not have stopped Sr Mary Brendan or Sr Mary Victoria. I have several friends who are teachers and I would have to think long and hard about putting guns on their hips after meeting them for happy hour on a Friday night…those ladies were not happy people, until they’d had a few dirty martinis.

Well, time will tell. I’ve said my piece and now I will go back to my first line of defense…PRAYER, tax-free!

Peggy Lane
Hyde Park