George Rooks: Tomatoes will be ripe by April

Howdy folks.

The weather is sure warm and I like it. The weather report is 80° today. The early flowers are starting to grow – it is time to clean the flowerbeds and put some fertilizer on them.

Now mark your April calendar for Grant’s open house on April 20 and 21. I was over there last week and they have tomatoes that are about ready to set. They will be setting them in the greenhouse on State Route 131. I will be setting the walls of water in my beds where I will be putting tomatoes. The tomato plants will be put in the walls of water April 1 and I should have ripe tomatoes the last of June. By golly they will taste good!

Was talking to Gary at Sherry’s Lake. They will open on March 2 for trout fishing. I am sure the big catfish in their lake will be happy to have the trout to eat on. Make sure you mark your calendar and go and catch some trout. They are good eating. I was talking to a deer hunter and he was telling me about his cat. When he was going deer hunting, he would put the cat in the garage so it didn’t follow him. One morning he was going hunting and he couldn’t find the cat so he went to the woods where his deerstand is. After he got up in the deerstand, he heard a scratching noise and here came the cat and sat on his lap. He thought he would waste time taking the cat back to the garage so he just left him there. The cat was very happy sitting on his lap and all at once the cat stood up and looked in the back of him. There was a deer looking at them. He had not put an arrow in his bow. The deer heard a noise and looked away from them. He said, “I quickly put an arrow in the bow and got the deer.” So, now I don’t go deer hunting without the cat.

I talked to Gloria at the Laurel Methodist church and she said the program and meal they had was good. The Kenner Express was there to play and sing after the meal – they are good. The program at the Bethel Methodist Church on Saturday, February 17 and meal we’re good with a big crowd. Mr. John Hale was singing several songs and the folks sure enjoyed them. He also sang for the first service on Sunday morning – good job John.

Mr. Chester is doing fine he likes to eat and sleep.

I had some taters for dinner today. So you folks know dinner is the noon meal and supper is the evening meal for me. I planted some of those taters this afternoon as they were sprouting. My friend always planted some taters in November and dug some real early ones.

Start your week by going to the house of worship of your choice and praising the good Lord.

God bless all.

More later.