Letter to the Editor: Time to ask questions, speak up

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to Dr. Everhard for exercising her option to run for office when she feels she is not currently represented.

(‘We the people for change’ by Dr. Janet Everhard, The Clermont Sun, Jan. 22, 2018)

Though each of us could do this, most of us don’t want to make that kind of commitment.

We can still do something: call, write, or visit our representatives to tell them what we are for or against.

That is why the initial cuts to the Affordable Care Act failed.

Unfortunately, not enough voices were raised to stop the tax cuts for the rich.

We can raise our voices to protect the hungry in America from cuts to safety net programs like SNAP (formerly food stamps).

With one in five children living in poverty, cuts to safety net programs would be devastating.

Instead, why not ask for legislation that ends the underlying causes of hunger and poverty in the world’s richest country? And as this year’s election season begins, be sure to ask all the candidates about their votes and what they will do. “We the people” in Dr. Everhard’s words, need to ask questions and speak up for a better America.

Willie Dickerson