Letter to the Editor: Snow plows are not so mail box-friendly

I want to comment on Megan Alley’s article “…Tips for sharing the road with snowplows…” published in the Clermont Sun dated 1/25/2018.

I take exception to County Engineer Pat Manger’s statement that “It is rare that one of our plows actually hits a mailbox”. It is a “rare” occurrence only because Clermont County snowplows get such few opportunities each year to hit mailboxes. Rest assured, when we get enough snow to actually use a plow, the mailboxes go flying. After the incident I’m about to tell you about, our mail carrier told my sister that many mailboxes on her route were down or damaged.

Clermont County snow plows knocked my mailbox down three times in 2014 – 2015. The third time, it was a box the County had installed for me after finally destroying mine.

After that, I installed heavy duty steel Veeder mailboxes at my house, and next door at my fathers home. Each of these very expensive mailboxes weigh 62 pounds, and are mounted with six 1 1/2 inch stainless steel lag bolts on 6×6 posts set 38 inches in the ground. These mailboxes were installed to US Postal Service specifications.

On January 16, 2018 a County Snowplow hit my fathers mailbox. Note: they hit the box with the plow blade – this was not “…pressure of the plowed snow…” as Mr. Manger suggests in the Sun article. The impact ripped this heavy mailbox completely off the post and deposited it several feet away in the yard.

The driver had to feel the impact, but did he stop? No, which makes him no different that a joy-riding hooligan knocking down mailboxes with a baseball bat. This is a criminal offense.

I emailed the County Engineers office the same day, and still have not received a reply. Why didn’t I call the police?

A great question, and here’s the answer: This same mailbox was damaged in the summer of 2015 by a piece of farm equipment. My father watched the farmer stop, examine the damage, and get back on his tractor and leave.

He called the police, and the first thing the State Highway Patrolman who responded told him was “I’m only here to write a report.

I’m not going to go looking for any tractors.”

My nephew reset the post and installed the repaired mailbox Sunday, the 28th. We’re all ready for the next snowstorm, Mr. Manger.

Larry W Hill