Letter to the Editor: Batavia: It’s not what it used to be in the old days

To the Editor,

Like Steve Featherston (“What Happened to the Village of Batavia?” Feb. 15, 2018) who wrote a few week’s back, I too lived in Batavia for 38 years until I moved to Bethel. I moved in 1991 after Kroger closed that year. I remember in the early ‘60s Batavia had a bowling alley, an inside movie house, two pool halls, two bars, two carry outs, plus Kroger. Both bars served lunch for the courthouse and more, plus we had two car dealers in town, four gas stations, pizza parlor and butcher shop, jewelry shop, two drug stores across the street from the courthouse.

But council didn’t wany any more businesses in town.

McDonald’s was voted out of town and many more; they ruined Batavia. One by one, they left or closed. Now all they have is the biggest post office in Ohio! Our sidewalks that are too wide and streets are too narrow. You park on main street, you have to wait to open your door or someone will knock it off. Really poor design.

We are the only town around that has not much of anything. Poor council and mayor.

There is so much more in Bethel, the way Batavia used to be. I think in 25 years or less, Batavia will be like a Dust Bowl of the ‘30s.

I could go on, but no use I think it’s too late to change the tide now.


Larry Flancher
Bethel, Ohio