Poem: ‘Two Sides to Every Story’

Submitted by: 
Shea Marie Madigan

There is a phantom in my brain.
He is driving me insane.
He haunts me,
With the sound of a foot tapping.

There is a hellhound in my head.
That tells me to stay in bed.
It interrogates me,
With the whispers of bodies,
In each and every room.
It won’t stop.
Until my heart turns to lead.

There is a menace in my mind,
Who pushes everything to the side.
The wall next to my bed,
Is filled with
crude comments and wasted talents.

There is a ghost in my skull.
Who likes to remind me,
of all that I’ve lost.
They never tell you
that growing up
comes at such a high cost.

There is a girl with dreams
and a big imagination.

There is a girl whose childhood innocence and optimism
have left the station.

But both of those girls
are me.

There are always two sides
to every story.