Pierce Twp. Fire Department conducts ice training rescue

The Fire Department recently took part in ice rescue training.

This is the second year of training, which takes place over takes several days. After this training, the majority of the staff will be trained on the suits, equipment, techniques and safe operations.

A few years ago the department had some ice rescue situations involving animals, but weren’t completely equipped.

Seeing this was a need, the department now has two ice rescue instructors on staff and all the necessary equipment needed to make any rescues.

The recent extreme cold weather has made for great ice to train on, but has also increased the risk for a real life situation with the numerous ponds, lakes and waterways throughout the township.

The crews use specially designed ice rescue suits that keep wearers dry and somewhat warm while also providing built in flotation to ensure their safety.

This is why there isn’t anyone wearing life jackets in the photos.

The department’s hope is to never be faced with a true ice rescue situation, but to be completely prepared and proficient should they receive the call for a rescue.​